Simple, meaningful way to fund your creative work

Use memberships and subscriptions to develop a direct relationship with your audience and generate predictable, recurring revenue to support your work.


Brytebook is a social publishing platform, that provides tools for writers to publish and helps to set up paid communities through memberships and subscriptions that makes sustainable, predictable revenue & incentives aligned with your audience.



It's hard to find a simple platform that is powerful and flexible to write. The discovery of writing has become increasingly difficulty to cut through the noise and find the best content. No proper community that helps writers connect with their readers who are interested in their work.

What Brytebook can offer you


Best reading and writing experience

Read and write freely and without distractions. Focus and engage to remember and reflect.


A profile to show the world who you are

Build your personal profile, and showcase all your favorite content to your audience. It's your space.


Build engaging communities

Build a direct and deeper conversations with the people who matter the most. Get complete freedom to create the kind of content your community connects with. (Coming soon)


Monetization made easy

A simple way to monetize your writing and develop a recurring income stream from your work. (Coming soon)

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