To build something, you need talk to people


As long as you just develop, no body starts to use it. To let somebody use it, you have to talk. To know what is needed, you have to talk. You can't do something people use without talking. So, keep talking.

I'll give you an example why talking to people would help you. Today, I talked to founders of brytebook. I showed him a demo of embedding audio just like YouTube, and Spotify. I was sure he would let a writer to use it. To my surprise, he wasn't satisfied with my demo. He didn't want to put much more burden on a writer. He makes sense. So, it is clear what to prioritize. I have to make an API. From today, I'll study how to design an API (I had studied some years ago but I forgot). Thank you for reading.


BTW: the cover image of this post is my cat.

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