We're Open Beta


The day is here! We're so excited to share Brytebook (beta) with a small group of beta users today. If you just got an email from us, then you're part of a group of humans who we're inviting to be our exclusive first set of users. You get to try it first! 🎉

Brytebook is a community and a platform that lets you publish your work and set up paid communities. We want to be a place for thoughtful discussions on ideas by enabling writers to be able to live off their work.

That's a big task! So today we're happy to share with you the first release, which is designed to help you write, publish and bookmark ideas that you liked.

Brytebook is your new home for interesting ideas. Welcome!

Here's what users get today:

If you're not yet on our waiting list below, make sure you sign up now, so you can share the ideas you care about.

From tips and tricks to product updates and inspiration, explore our resources to learn how to grow as a Brytebook creator.